Massage treatments


Massage treatments

Prenatal massage: a relaxing massage performed with a special pregnancy pillow allowing you to lie face down. I use an organic prenatal oil with essential oils from Braido Organics. 800 kr/60 min

Healing massage: This treatment uses rocking and gentle shaking combined with slow and deep massage techniques. A reset for your nervous system. 750 kr/60 min

Classical Swedish massage: A dynamic massage to revitalise the body, stretch muscles and mobilise joints. A classic! 750kr/60 min

Massage can help relieve the symptoms associated with:

  • back pain and body aches.
  • muscle tension, poor circulation
  • exhaustion, burnout, depression.


Bookings: / SMS 0763093822

Prenatal Massage: 800 kr/ 60 min

Healing Massage: 750 kr /60 min

Classical Swedish Massage: 750kr/ 60 min

Home visit: 1200 kr / 60 minutes

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