About Vanina Suavet Hansson

I have known from a very young age that I wanted to be a healer and have always been fascinated by the power of touch and the body’s intelligence. I was introduced to yoga in my early twenties which helped me structure and develop my quest for self-knowledge. After completing my training in massage therapy and as a yoga teacher, I spent my twenties travelling the world, working at luxury hotels and on yachts and taking extended trips to India to deepen my yoga knowledge. After a few years of this nomadic life I felt ready to commit to academic studies and moved to England to enroll in a Master’s Degree in osteopathy at the prestigious European School of Osteopathy. After four years of intense study I graduated with a much deeper understanding of the body’s intelligence and of my own role as a therapist, as well as a strong scientific background to confirm what I had up until then only sensed intuitively.

After the birth of my first child I became passionate about supporting women through their transition to motherhood and trained as a Doula with Föda utan rädsla in 2020. I also trained as a prenatal yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore, author of Yoni Shakti, the bible of women’s yoga. My osteopathy practice became more focused on supporting pregnant and postpartum and has now shifted into a women’s health clinic.

Giving birth is a life changing event and I am an advocate for a respectful, empowering, and gentle birth. My highest intention is to support, nurture and empower women so that they can access their inner strength and welcome pregnancy, birth and motherhood with grace and confidence.